By far the most powerful and dangerous villainous agency in the world today, VIPER first appeared in the mid-1960s, sending its green and yellow-garbed agents to plunder weak societies and slay any who would oppose it. Its activities prior to that time (if any), and its precise origins, remain unknown to the authorities, since no superhero or police officer has ever captured a VIPER leader of high enough rank to possess those secrets.

VIPER’s goal, stated on more than one occasion to superheroes or through bombastic press releases, is nothing less than the conquest of the world. Although it functions more like a criminal cartel or terrorist organization than a military, in truth VIPER is a private army assembled for the purpose of bringing the rest of the world under the sway of VIPER’s leaders.

VIPER prefers to work on its own, knowing that eventually it must defeat the underworld to assert rulership over the Earth. But unusual circumstances sometimes throw it together with other groups or supervillains. In the past it has occasionally worked with HYDRA, Gravitar, and the Warlord. It does not get along well with DEMON (whom it has fought on several occasions), The Hand, Dr Destroyer or Dr Doom (whom it regards as the chief obstacles to its plans).


Recovered VIPER records, and confessions made by captured VIPER agents, have revealed something of the inner workings of the organization.

As of 2002, the once-monolithic and hierarchical VIPER has evolved a structure resembling a network of terrorist cells – or even a franchised business. It divides the world into “territories,” each containing a headquarters referred to as a “Nest.” In less populated areas, a Nest may be responsible for all criminal activity in a large region, but a major urban area like London, Millennium City, or Tokyo often contains multiple Nests. Usually Nests operate independently, but they may team up to perform jobs or confront opponents too big or powerful for a single Nest to take on.

All Nests are linked to each other via a sophisticated computer network known as Serpentine.

A Nest Leader commands each VIPER base, and in turn reports to so-called High Serpents who oversee all VIPER activity within a region or continent. Many agents and records have made reference to a Supreme Serpent who controls the High Serpents, and thus all of VIPER, but no firm evidence of this person’s existence (or his location) has ever been obtained. Some experts suspect the “Supreme Serpent” is just a smokescreen created by the High Serpents, who govern the organization as an oligarchic council. The High Serpents as a group are sometimes referred to as “VIPER Central Command,” though that implies a greater unity of purpose than often exists.

VIPER’s lower ranks are organized into several groups. The basic VIPER agent, lightly trained and relatively inexpensively equipped, makes up the bulk of the rank-and-file, and is the type of agent most frequently encountered (and captured!) by superheroes, PRIMUS, and UNTIL. But there are also VIPER “Elite Agents,” as well-trained and supplied as any special forces soldier. Many Elite Agents are specialized – VIPER has Air Cavalry equipped with jetpacks, heavy infantry sporting light powered armor and heavy weapons, intelligence gathering agents, hacker agents, and many, many more. Indeed, it’s the organization’s versatility and adaptability that make it so dangerous.

Rank Structure

  1. Junior Agent / Recruit
  2. Basic Agent / Recruit Team Leader
  3. Elite Agent / Agent Team Leader
  4. Sergeant / Elite Agent Team Leader
  5. Sergeant Major / Officer Adjutant
  6. Lieutenant / Force Commander
  7. Captain /Field Commander
  8. Commandant / Nest Commander
  9. Colonel / Regional Commander
  10. General / Continental Commander
  11. Major General / Head of Worldwide Division

Key International Players:
Known Superhuman Agents

Dragon Branch:

  • Bloodstar – Highly Dextrous, Slight Speedster Weaponmaster
  • Boruto – Electrical Powers (Translates as “Volt”)
  • Brute – Super Strength and Increased Toughness
  • Delusion – Holographic Illusion Capabilities
  • Draconis – Telekinetic Mutate
  • Epoch – Time Control and Manipulation
  • Freon – Ice and Cold Powers
  • Gauntlet – Uses Technological Power Gauntlets
  • Halfjack – Cyborg Assassin
  • Hayaikaze – Speedster and Wind Manipulation (Translates as “SwiftWind”)
  • Hiss – Mental Powers
  • Iron Lightning – Magnetism and Electrical Powers
  • Ji Nli – Telekinetic Powers (Translates as “GoldForce”)
  • Minuet – Mind Control Via Music and Singing
  • Nucleon – Nuclear Energy Projection and Control
  • Oculon – Human with Mystical/Magical Eyes
  • Ripper – Extremely High Strength and Toughness
  • Spitfire – Uses Custom “Fire Blaster” Guns
  • Tornado – Speedster
  • Tungarak – Super Strength, Toughness and Earth Manipulation Powers
  • Viperia – Omega Class Mutate With Daddy Issues
  • Viper-X – Ex-Silver Avenger Turned Viper Loyalist Agent
  • Whitefire – Fire and Flame Powers

Serpent Society:

  • Adder – Poison Spitting, Knife Wielding Martial Artist
  • Anaconda – Cybernetically Enhanced Martial Artist
  • Asp – Bioelectrical Energy Draining/Manipulation
  • Black Mamba – Low Grade Telepath, With Darkforce Manipulation
  • Boa Constrictor – High Strength Martial Artist
  • (King) Cobra – Geneticist With Transformative Powers
  • Copperhead – Copper-Coloured Battlesuit Wearer
  • Cottonmouth – Cybernetically Augmented Jaw/Bite
  • DeathAdder – Bioengineered Toxin Using Assassin
  • Diamondback – Venomous Martial Artist
  • Princess Python – Reptile and Serpent Mind Control
  • Puff Adder – Mutant With Ability To Breathe (and Exhale) Various Gases
  • Rattler – Cybernetically Modified High Strength Melee Specialist – Beware The Tail
  • Sidewinder – Mid-range Speedster Martial Artist


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