Formed in 1986 by Dr Sebastian Poe, a world-renowned expert on superhumans in general and psychic powers in particular, the Parapsychological Studies Institute was allegedly devoted to the study of superhuman phenomena and the training of young supers. It maintained that facade for eight years, until 1994, when a bungled operation revealed it for what it was: a criminal conspiracy made up of supervillains with mental powers. Its cover blown, PSI went on the lam, becoming a somewhat nomadic
supervillain group with a few minor bases scattered throughout the United States.

PSI’s methods and crimes rely heavily on its members’ mental powers.
They use Telepathy to steal valuable data, passwords, and the like, Telekinesis to open locked doors, Mind Control to make helpless innocents do what the group wants, and so forth. Although no one member has anywhere close to the raw power of Menton, PSI’s ability to use group tactics and multiple attacks when engaging a foe makes it nearly as frightening an opponent – and every bit as terrifying to politicians,
policemen, and the tycoons of industry.

Because its members can use their powers to erase memories of them from the minds of others, tracking or pursuing PSI is difficult at best. Superhero teams have had the most success against PSI in two circumstances: when the heroes just happen to stumble onto a PSI operation in mid-caper (allowing them to engage PSI in open battle, which it often avoids); and situations where PSI has to remain in one location for an extended period of time to complete a job (thus giving the heroes more opportunities to find PSI’s lair).

PSI makes some use of super-technology, including high-tech vans for travelling, but prefers to rely on its members’ powers as much as possible. The group has supposedly worked with AIM to try to develop psionic enhancement technology, but if so, they have not succeeded (or not yet to the world).


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