The Lawgiver is a specially designed computer controlled side arm. It is able to fire seven different types of ammunition (listed below) as well as special augmentations (also listed below) can be used as a makeshift clubbing weapon, and also has inbuilt security to prevent access by unauthorised users. It has 2 magazines, one under the barrel in front of the trigger, the other above the body of the weapon, holding a total of 87 rounds, which are selected by altering a dial on the weapon, or by voice activation. The standard ammunition loadout is 24 GP, 12, HE, 12, RR, 12 AP, 12 I, 12 G, and 3 H.

Ammunition Types

GP: General Purpose Ammunition is the most commonly used type of shell, it is comparable to a standard .44 Magnum round and the weapon carries 24 of them within its magazines. They are able to benefit from the Heatseeker augmentation (see below).

HE: High Explosive is designed to deliver an area-burst explosion. It has a blast radius of one meter in all directions from point of impact, but the explosion does not trigger if the bullet does not strike a sufficiently solid surface (such as a wall, or Resistant PD Body Armour). In all other situations, the bullet acts as a standard GP round.

RR: Rubber Ricochet round are designed to bounce around within confined spaces to maximise the “wild shot” effect, and hit fast moving targets that would otherwise have cover, or a superhuman ability to dodge. They can hit multiple targets, or even the same target multiple times until they run out of momentum. In open spaces they act as standard GP rounds.

AP: Armour Piercing are designed to penetrate even the toughest armours. Even normally ‘hardened’ armour is no defense against this ammunition. It is most commonly used for robots and locks, rather than people.

I: Incendiary rounds are .44 Magnum rounds treated with a special magnesium coating. upon striking a target, the magnesium flares into life, starting a small uncontrolled fire within a small radius of the point of impact.

G: Grenade rounds, despite their name, are not grenades. It is a .44 Magnum casing containing tiny titanium shot, turning the pistol into a short range shotgun of tremendous power.

H Hypo rounds are a small hypodermic needle filled with a powerful sedative which can render an adult almost comatose in seconds. They are fired in standard .44 Magnum casings, and are the only rounds other than GP which can benefit from the Heatseeker augmentation (below).


HS: The Heatseeker Augmentation is a small computer controlled guidance system which attaches to the front of the Lawgiver barrel. Only GP and Hypo rounds can benefit from this advaced techology. The computer latches onto the hottest temperature object or person in its area. If multiple targets are valid, it will choose the one closest to where it is being pointed. In the unlikely event that NO such targets exist in front of the round, it will turn and find one in any direction. This includes the person firing the weapon. Fire With Caution!

Security Device: The Lawgiver is prevented from misuse by a palm-print recognition system. Should anyone who is not authorised to use the weapon (It keeps a small database of prints in a small memory bank) attempt to pull the trigger, then the Lawgiver instead explodes violently, causing significant damage to the would-be firer, and completely destroying the weapon.

24pt Multipower Pool “Lawgiver Pistol”
1u GP: 2d6 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ 1/4), 24 Charges (+ 1/4), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) (12r)
2u HE: 2d6 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ 1/4), 12 Charges (0), Armour Piercing (+ 1/2), AE: Hex (+ 1/2), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75), Area Effect and Armour Piercing Only If Target Has rPD Defenses (- 1/4) (23r)
2u RR: 2d6 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ 1/4), Fully Indirect (+ 3/4), Autofire (5) (+ 1/2) Affects “Super Dodging” Desolidification (+ 1/4), (12 Charges (0), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) , Advantages Do Not Apply in Open Spaces (- 1) (21r)
2u AP: 2d6 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ 1/4), Triple Penetrating (+ 1 1/2), 12 Charges (0), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) (22r)
1u I: 2d6 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ 1/4), 12 Charges (0), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) Plus 1/2d6 RKA, Continuous (+ 1), Reduced Endurance (0 END to enable Uncontrolled effect; + 1/2), Sticky (+ 1/2), Uncontrolled (effect ends when it runs out of fuel or oxygen, or someone extinguishes the flames; + 1/2) Area Effect: Hex (+ 1/2), 12 Charges (0), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) (21r)
2u G: 2 1/2d6 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ 1/4), AE: Cone (+ 1), 12 Charges (0), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) (24r)
1u Hypo: 1d6 RKA, NND (+ 1), Continuous (+ 1), Reduced Endurance (0 END to enable Uncontrolled effect; + 1/2), Uncontrolled (effect ends when antidote is taken, or after 5 Turns; + 1/2), 3 Charges (- 1 1/4), “Firearm” Limitations (- 2.75) (12r)
1u Heatseeker Augmentation: + 14 OCV with Range Attacks (70), OAF (- 1), Str Min 8 (- 1/2), Real Weapon (- 1/4), Only with GP or Hypo Lawgiver Attacks (- 1), 6 Charges (- 3/4), Only vs ‘Hot’ Targets (- 1/2), Cannot Use Targetting (- 1/2), Side Effects (GP Round, or Hypo Round attack On ‘hottest’ object/creature (or Self if no other ‘Hot’ targets available) if target is not ‘hottest’ target in line of sight) (- 1), Extra Time (Extra Phase) (- 3/4) (10r)
1u “Pistolwhip”: + 2d6 HA, Reduced Endurance (0 END; + 1/2), Melee Limitations (- 2.5) (4r)
23 Security Device: 4d6 RKA, AE: Hex (+ 1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; + 1/2), Trigger: Unauthorised Person Tries to Fire Weapon (+ 1/4), No Range (- 1/2), Real Weapon (- 1/4), 1 Charge Which Does Not Recover (- 4) (23r)

Firearm Limitations: (2.75) ~ OAF (1), Str Min 8 (1/2), STR Minimum Cannot Add/Subtract Damage (1/2), Beam (1/4), Real Weapon (1/4), No Knockback (1/4)

Melee Limitations: (2.5) ~ OAF (1), Str Min 8 (1/2), Real Weapon (1/4), No Knockback (1/4), Hand to Hand Attack (1/2)


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