Flock Racial Package

Lockheed 2

Alien Mind: 10pts Hardened Mental Defence (13)
Fireproof: Desolidification, 0 End, Persistent, Inherent, Always On, Only Vs Fire/Heat (26)
Winged: Flight 6”, Half Endurance, Restrainable (12)
Fire Breather: Endurance Pool (50 End, 10 Recovery), Fire Abilities Only (12)
Armoured Scales: 5/5Armour (15)
Venomous Bite: 1pip RKA, NND, Does Body, Continuous, Uncontrolled, Linked To Bite, Only If Bite Does Damage, 0 End (10)
Bite: 1 Pip HKA (upto 1/2 d6 with Strength), Continuous, Half Endurance (6)
Fire Breathing: 26 pt Multipower Pool (26)
Fire Ball (Slot 1) 3u 3d6 Energy Blast, Area Effect: 1 Hex, Half Endurance (3)
Fire Jet (Slot 2) 2u 3d6 Energy Blast, Area Effect: Line, Half Endurance, No Range (2)
Fire Blast (Slot 3) 2u 3d6 Energy Blast, Area Effect: Cone, Half Endurance, No Range (2)
Firelight (Slot 4) 2u Images vs Sight Group with + 4 Bonus Vs PER, 8“ Radius, Only To Create Light, Half Endurance, No Range (2)
Easily Hidden: + 6 to Concealment, Self Only (8)
Hard To Hit: + 6 to DCV (30)
Hard To Perceive: + 6 to Stealth (12)
Psychic Translation: Flock Language (3pts), Usable By 1 Other, No Line Of Sight Needed After Initial Use, Understand (not Speak) only, No Literacy. (2)
Distinctive Feature: Tiny Dragon, Concealable With Major Effort, MR/P (-15)
Reduced Running: -5” (-10) (Can ‘Hop’ Along at 2m"/phase)
Reduced Strength: -7 (-7)
Reduced Constitution: -5 (-10)
Reduced Body: -5 (-10)
Reduced Presence: -5 (-5)
Physical: Tiny, (+9” KB), Frequently, Slightly (-10)
Physical: No Fine Manipulation, Frequently, Greatly (-15)
Physical: Unable to Speak ‘Human’ (No Suitable Vocal Chords), Frequently, Greatly (-15)
Physical: Affected as Alien AND Animal Classes of Mind, Infrequently, Slightly (-5)
Physical: No “Leap” Bonus from Low Mass, Infrequently, Slightly (-5)

Package Cost: 74 Points

Lockheed 1

Flock Racial Package

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