In 1986, following Mechanon’s initial appearance and neardestruction of the United States, President Reagan authorized the creation of two new agencies specifi cally to cope with superhuman issues.

The first, PRIMUS, was a law enforcement arm of the Department of Justice. The second, and more important, was the new Department of Superhuman and Paranormal Affairs (DOSPA), a Cabinet-level agency. DOSPA’s mandate then, and today, is this: to coordinate the United States’s reaction and response to superhuman-related issues; to manage the activities of all of America’s superhuman assets (regardless of what specific part of the government they might work for); and to research and investigate issues pertaining to superhumanity, superpowers, super-technology, and the like.

Given the extent of the superhuman threats to the United States, DOSPA’s power has grown rapidly over the years, making it one of the most publicly-visible parts of the federal government. Ultimately all superhumans associated with the American government answer to it, even if they normally work directly with some other agency, and it has jurisdiction over any superhuman- or paranormal-related matter. This wide-ranging authority causes some friction with other branches of the government (particularly the military), but has proven so successful in practice that no significant support exists for changing it.

DOSPA is organized into eight primary divisions, whose responsibilities are evident from their names: Alien Affairs; Diplomatic Affairs; Military Affairs; Mystic Affairs; National Security Affairs; Research & Development; Supertechnology Affairs; and World Security Affairs. An Undersecretary heads each division and reports to the Secretary, who in turn reports to the President as requested or required by law.

Although the current DOSPA Secretary, Andrew Rochester, is a good man who’s well regarded both within and without the Superhuman World, not everyone who works for his Department is so nice. Some of his underlings, including at least one of the people in line to replace him should he have to leave the job, have decidedly harsher and/or less trusting attitudes toward superhumans.


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