AIM’s origins began late in World War II with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker’s creation of his subversive organization HYDRA. Under the code name of THEM, he created two HYDRA branches called Advanced Idea Mechanics, and the Secret Empire. AIM’s purpose was to develop advanced weaponry for HYDRA. They were close to developing and attaining nuclear weapons when HYDRA Island was invaded by American and Japanese heroes. Although HYDRA suffered a major setback, it survived and grew in secret over the following decades.

AIM has had numerous encounters with various superheroes and supervillains, and is the subject of ongoing undercover investigations by SHIELD. An AIM android factory in a Florida swamp was once raided by SHIELD, which also involved Count Bornag Royale in a weapons deal negotiation with SHIELD. AIM then raided SHIELD’s New York City headquarters. As a result of these events, Royale was discredited, and AIM’s headquarters was destroyed.

For a time, a schism developed within AIM, causing it to split into the Blue and Yellow factions. These factions battled each other, employing Deathbird as an operative. AIM captured the Thing and Namor to test the Virus X on them. The Blue faction later made an attempt to recapture the Cosmic Cube. A second battle occurred between the rival factions, but factions no longer seem to be active within AIM.

AIM eventually hired the Serpent Society to kill MODOK, which they did. AIM was responsible for a jet attack on the West Coast Avengers compound and then took over Boca Caliente and unleashed a microbe aboard the Stark space satellite. AIM also sent an agent to attempt to confiscate the quantum-bands given to Quasar.

AIM also helped General Thunderbolt Ross and Doc Samson create the Red Hulk.

AIM is an organization of brilliant scientists and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all world governments by technological means. Its leadership traditionally consisted of the seven-member Board of Directors (formerly known as the Imperial Council) with a rotating chairperson. Under the Directors are various division supervisors, and under them are the technicians and salesmen/dealers.

The organization supplies arms and technology to various terrorist and subversive organizations both to foster a violent technological revolution and to make a profit. AIM operatives are usually involved in research, development, manufacturing, and sales of high technology. Members of AIM are required to at least have a Master’s degree, if not a PhD, in some area of science, mathematics, or business.

AIM’s reach is worldwide, including various front organizations such as Targo Corporation, International Data Integration and Control, and Cadenza Industries. A.I.M. has also operated under some other fronts including Koenig and Storey, Pacific Vista Laboratories, and Omnitech.

AIM has had a number of bases of operations, including a nuclear submarine mobile in the Atlantic Ocean; a base in the Bronx, New York; Black Mesa, Colorado; West Caldwell, New Jersey; Asia, Canada, Europe, Haiti, India, Sudan and Boca Caliente (also known as AIM Island), an island republic in the Caribbean.


AIM has created three major implements of deadly potential which stand far above the rest of their accomplishments. The greatest of these was the Cosmic Cube, a device capable of altering reality. AIM did not realize that they had only manufactured the cubical containment device; the real power was an entity accidentally drawn into this dimension. The Cosmic Cube eventually evolved into Kubik. The second was the Super-Adaptoid, an android capable of mimicking the appearance and superpowers of other beings. The Super-Adaptoid’s powers were made possible by incorporating a sliver of the Cosmic Cube into its form. When Kubik repossessed the sliver after defeating the Adaptoid, the android was rendered inanimate. A.I.M.‘s third achievement was the creation of MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), an artificially mutated human with an enormous head and psionic abilities. MODOK was originally an ordinary AIM scientist who was selected by AIM’s leader at the time, the Scientist Supreme, to be the subject of the bionic and genetic experiments that turned him into MODOK.

After his transformation, MODOK killed the Scientist Supreme and took control of A.I.M., and later took advantage of the organizational chaos following the destruction of HYDRA Island and the deaths of Baron Strucker and most of HYDRA’s leading members to sever AIM’s ties with HYDRA.

AIM’s level of technology is as highly advanced as any on Earth, and its scientists have also built various cyborgs, robots, and androids; its agents utilize a variety of submarines, hovercraft, jets, etc. AIM has also attempted to recreate versions of MODOK, including transforming Dr. Katherine Waynesboro into Ms MODOK and creating SODAM (later revamped as MODAM). Since AIM’s redirection as an exotic arms dealer, its members have access to whatever exotic weaponry is available in its warehouses.

AIM’s leaders traditionally wear yellow three-piece business suits. Technical supervisors wear yellow jumpsuits, skull-caps, and goggles. However, the organization is renowned for the ‘beekeeper’-looking helmets and NBC suit uniform of its underlings since the first appearance. As revealed by the mysterious entity Fantomex, the uniform’s helmets can bring a profit on eBay.

However, AIM has gained a new costume, which tends towards insectoid armor and large guns.

AIM may be connected in some way to Project:Livewire, as one of their members, Cornfed, wears an AIM uniform. He also wears a button referencing "The Real AIM”.


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