Pete Wisdom

Laconic, Fiery Tempered Head of MI13


Real Name
Peter Paul Wisdom

Mr W., Winston

Publically Known to Citizens of the United Kingdom

British, Naturalised Fey, by Marriage.

Place of Birth
London, England

Director of MI13, former government agent and secret service agent

Known Relatives
Harold Wisdom (father), Linda Wisdom (mother, deceased), Romany Wisdom (sister, deceased), Tink (wife, estranged)

Group Affiliation
MI13, Formerly Black Air, Formerly Excalibur, Formerly X-Force

College; extensive intelligence training

Physical Attributes
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 158 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Capable of absorbing ambient heat and solar radiation, and release the absorbed energy from his fingertips as semi-solid energy projections called ‘flame knives’. His Flame Knives are pure thermal energy, said to be as “hot as the surface of the sun”. Pete can also use them to form shields to burn incoming missiles or to generate thermals beneath him as he falls to slow his descent. He can fire his hot knives as projectiles, or leave them attached to his fingertips like claws for close physical combat. Pete has excellent control of his knives, able to cause severe damage or just to stun.

Pete is extensively trained in espionage, intelligence-gathering and firearms, and has been taught Faery lore by his estranged wife.

Pete always carries some form of light firearm.

As director of MI13, Pete has access to some of the most unusual equipment on Earth; he often wears an enchanted faery vest, which is effectively bulletproof. He sometimes wears an eye patch over his left eye, partially because “all the big agency directors are doing it” and partly for some unknown power enchanted into the item.

Text from the Character picture:
[Offscreen Aide]: Director Wisdom? What should we do?
Pete: We’re MI13. The Queens own knights of abnormal ass-kicking. Rally the troops, we’ll be ready for the bastard.


Pete Wisdom

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