You are agents of MI13 the British Office of Extraordinary Intelligence. Formerly known as the Weird Happenings Organisation.

Set in the United Kingdom, and the connected dimensions of Otherworld, the Campaign will include mundane, magical and super powered characters. There will be some International, or Extraterritorial groups, such as AIM, HYDRA, SHIELD, The Avengers, VIPER, etc.

Character Creation Rules:

  • Point Value: 250 Character points, with up to 125 additional from Disadvantages. (375 Points Total)
  • Concept: You are a member of MI13, the British Governments “Extraordinary Intelligence” Service. You can be Human, Fey, Or Alien. Racial Packages will be developed, for those of a non-human basis. Professional Packages will likewise be developed if wanted.
  • Campaign Tone: Heroic/Light Grey Campaign. Heroes are agents of the Government defending the Realm from threats.
  • Special Rules: Loyalty to the Crown/Land of England/Albion/Otherworld, should be a major part of your psyche. Powers may be inherent (Racial), Magical, Technological, or Mutant, though Technological Devices will be at a disadvantage. Battlesuits are allowed, as are Independent/Foci based powers (such as weapons). Do not forget to buy any equipment you will be wanting to use, like armour, There is no free equipment for new characters. That is only for 150pt campaigns

Politics: There are several key players in UK/Otherworld Politics that you will likely need to be aware of; Firstly the King and Queen of the Fey Races, Oberon of the Unseelie Court, and Titania of the Seelie Court. Otherworld as a realm also has a King of its own. Brian Braddock of Earth 616 (formally known as Captain Britain) was given stewardship of the Realm by Merlyn and his daughter, Roma. Brian is also in command of the “Royal Guard” and “Cross Dimensional Police” of Otherworld, known as the Captain Britain Corps. The Corps is composed of the Captain Britains of all the variant and divergent realities in which there is a Britain.

Back in the ‘real’ World, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second is still on the throne, while in Parliament, the Prime Minister is David Cameron, a public school educated ‘peoples champion’. The Royal Family are active in the British political life, from Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Princes William and Harry (and Williams wife, Kate), and the Queens Husband, the often foot-swallowing Prince Philip.

Current Character Concepts

* Chris – Rajing Kahn Rakshasa – Illusionist and Dream Manipulator

* JodieQuillion the Jester – Fae Spellcaster

* Paul – Unnamed Human Secret Agent – Gadgets and Skills

* SimonRedemit the British Dragon – Descendant of both St George and the fabled Dragon.

* Rob – Unnamed Human Mech Pilot – ?

* Mark – Victor Shelly Enhanced human – Physical upgrades

* Lizzie – Unnamed Genie – ?

Very Interested to see how you give the Genie a “British” twist, as the Genie is from Arabic Mythology.
If it isn’t “British” it will probably be Veto’d.
The Rakshasa was permitted because it is from India, which was once part of the Empire, and its human form is a British Hindu, Loyal to Queen and Country.
Simon – A possible way to explain it could be that it was found by Thomas E Lawrence, and was brought back to the UK for display at a museum/kept under guard? You’d probably still need to explain its loyalty to the crown though. Just a thought.

Answers to any questions you might have about character generation can be found HERE

MI13 - Intelligence and Wisdom

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